Are You up for the challenge?

The FrogPlay Championships are back - bigger, better and on a world stage!

Designed to get students and schools excited  and motivated to engage in independent learning, The FrogPlay Championships helps students learn using quizzes, games and reports to improve student outcomes in a fun and meaningful way.



This worldwide competition starts from 8 April and ends on 31 May 2018!

The theme is Up Your Game: we are on the lookout for Champions that are building good teaching and learning habits.

Each school is unique and has different goals. Better grades. Engaging students and encouraging them to be the best they can be. Empowering independent revision at home. Creating, contributing to and rallying the community to support students to help them reach their potential.

With FrogPlay, you can Up Your Game!  Join the FrogPlay World Championships and get your school excited to learn through quizzes, games and rewards!


Are You at the Top of the Leaderboards?


Leaderboards top 10

Login to your Frog VLE (Malaysia) or access FrogPlay (UK and other countries) to to view the your position in the FrogPlay Championships Leaderboards, or click the link below to see the top 10!

Point System Update

To encourage fair usage of FrogPlay in the Championships and promote best practices consistent with good teaching and learning principles, we have adjusted the leaderboard points for all users and implemented further checks within the system!


It's easy - just use FrogPlay!


Step 1: Use FrogPlay

Use FrogPlay's quizzes, games and reports between 8 April - 31 May 2018, and encourage your school to come together!


Step 2: Sign Up for a Power Pack

Get special avatar codes to unlock rewards for students, as well as weekly school reports to view your achievements!


Step 3: Check the Leaderboards

See your school and students climb the leaderboards, and earn points and special rewards to keep motivated!



Championships Details


Winning the School Prize

Stand a chance to win the school prizes by climbing the School Leaderboards! Earn more points for your school based on:

  • Students’ time spent taking quizzes: The total amount of time spent by students taking quizzes.

  • Unique quizzes: Number of different quizzes taken by students in the school.

  • Quizzes created: Number of quizzes created by teachers in the school.

  • Quizzes shared to Community: Number of quizzes shared to the Community Quizzes by teachers in the school.

  • Teacher usage: Daily usage of FrogPlay by teachers in the school.

  • Student usage: Number of students who have logged in versus the total number of students in the school.

Winning the Student Prize

Stand a chance to win the student prizes by climbing the Student Leaderboards! Go for gold and earn more points based on:

  • Effort (time spent): Total time spent completing quizzes.
  • Consistency: Usage of FrogPlay throughout every day of the Championships.
  • Appropriateness: Quizzes done from the appropriate year (e.g. If you are a student in Primary 5, doing quizzes for Primary 5 or higher will get you more points than doing quizzes below your year!)


Your Role in the Championships



Have fun as you learn, and use FrogPlay as much as you can!

Share the excitement with your friends, teachers and parents to participate in the Championships, and go for gold!



Encourage your school to participate in the FrogPlay World Championships.

Motivate your students to use FrogPlay by driving Championship initiatives with your teachers, parents, and the school community!

Copy of YTLFound_SKJlnSelOne-53.jpg


Support your child by encouraging them to learn with FrogPlay at home, and providing the tools (such as devices and Internet) to enable learning!

You can also work with your school for Championships activities.


Our winners aren’t chosen by the biggest idea but about their ability to encourage and engage positive impact within their school.

Read up on past winners and their initiatives that made us say, wow!


Looking Back on FrogPlay Championships 2017

Don't miss out! Join us and experience an awesome journey with FrogPlay!


Over 1,000,000 revision hours and over 1.3 million students participated in FrogPlay Championships


1,989 schools participated in FrogPlay Championships across all 13 states in Malaysia


Schools encouraged independent learning and enabled students to learn anytime, anywhere




US$3,000 Cash Prize

World Trophy


US$1,000 Cash Prize

World Trophy

US$2,000 Cash Prize

World Trophy


Top 3 Primary School Students
in the WORLD will receive:

World Champion Trophy

Championship Certificate


top 3 Secondary School Students
in the WORLD will receive:

World Champion Trophy

Championship Certificate


Win Country Prizes

Find out how you can become country champions and win awesome prizes!



Doing More with FrogPlay

Sky's the Limit.png

Sky's the Limit

There are infinite possibilities in which FrogPlay can be used!

Get that burst of inspiration from schools around the world.

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Start Exploring

New to FrogPlay?

Here's how to use it and leap into action!


Share the Excitement



Get excited!

Download, print and place these on notice boards and in classrooms to get everyone excited about competition!


School Kit

Get all the information you need in bite-size pieces!

Share this in your next meeting with your school community!


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Use this banner on your Facebook profile page, personal blog and your school dashboard in Frog!


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