Meet Past Winners

Learn about each winner and how they enabled their students to learn through FrogPlay.



Perseverance & Personalising Learning Content

SJK(C) Choong Cheng, Kedah

1st Place Winner


This is an inspiring story of an SKM from rural Kedah that triumphed over the lack of accessibility to data, devices and learning resources relevant for their school.

Read about their collaboration, dedication and teamwork of how FrogPlay was used to engage and motivate their students to be the best!


Using the Power of Devices & PIBG Support

SK Sungai Binjai, Selangor

2nd Place Winner


Accessibility to sufficient devices is a challenge for any school especially one with over 3,000 students! Read about their journey to encourage teaching and learning anytime, anywhere. Even during the Raya holidays!


Fun with FrogPlay & Independent Learning outside School Hours

SMK Skudai, Johor

3rd Place Winner


How do you motivate older students and create ownership over their own learning? Answer: get creative!. Read about their catchy idea, a student support group and the use of analytics in FrogPlay reports to engage their teachers and students.


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