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Want to get your school excited?

Sign up for your school's Power Pack to get:
1) special avatar codes to unlock rewards for your students and 2) weekly reports on your school's achievements with FrogPlay!


Before you sign up...

  1. Each school is only eligible for one Power Pack! The avatar codes and the weekly reports will only be sent to one school representative.

  2. Only teachers or school staff members can sign up for the Power Pack! Because the Power Pack is for your entire school, we would like to send the avatar codes and weekly reports to a member of staff, who will have access to everyone in your school! If you are a student or parent, please encourage your school staff member to sign up on behalf of the school!)

  3. Please give us time to send you your Power Pack! Power Packs will only be sent to you beginning from 16th April 2018 (2nd week of the competition onwards!)

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