Doing More with FrogPlay

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Sky's the Limit

There are infinite possibilities in which FrogPlay can be used!

Get that burst of inspiration from schools around the world.

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Start Exploring

New to FrogPlay?

Here's how to use it and leap into action!


Share the Excitement



Get excited!

Download, print and place these on notice boards and in classrooms to get everyone excited about competition!


School Kit

Get all the information you need in bite-size pieces!

Share this in your next meeting with your school community!


Digital Banner

Go all out!

Use this banner on your Facebook profile page, personal blog and your school dashboard in Frog!


Get Your Power Pack!


Want to get your school excited?

Sign up for your school's Power Pack to get:
1) special avatar codes to unlock rewards for your students and 2) weekly reports on your school's achievements with FrogPlay!